Career Portal

Career Portal is an online hiring solution for Edgematics for all categories of jobs (technical / non-technical), and an easy way to filter qualified relevant talents and saves 90% of time compared to the manual hiring process.

Edgematics is a Niche & Focused All-In-Data company, specialize in providing Data Monetization and Services framework, to support clients through Digital Transformation and Change Management initiatives, with an Artificial Intelligence enabled Data Governance approach to maximize investments from data assets.

Challenges & PAIN POINTS

Yuliya (HR & Finance Director) in Edgematics and teams were tired of conducting manual interviews and contacts me for the solution for following pain points:

  1. Manual interview/test and other tasks eat up valuable recruiter time.
  2. Reading resume, interviews of non-qualified candidates, feedback and other process like asking for document submission or other details are always time taking process specially it wastes time when you know after taking interview that candidates is not qualified.

  3. Shortlisting and Attracting enough quality talent to fill the high rate of job openings.
  4. Lot of candidates apply and it’s hard to find right candidates because very less are relevant or qualified and rarely quality talents apply maybe due to lack of the reputation

  5. Collecting / managing candidates data
  6. Manually collecting data, results or other details and sending to head of company was also the pain point

  7. Candidate Engagement
  8. If a candidate is fielding offers and interviews from multiple firms, even the shortest delays in scheduling can make the difference between making or breaking hiring goals. For some candidates notice period maybe a long so engaging during this period is a challenge

  9. Communication / Coordination with other team members
  10. Hiring is long process it requires a team and coordination is necessary, calling or emailing eat up most time specially when team members are in different locations

Stakeholder Interviews

I conducted interviews with Yuliya (HR & Finance Director) Sonia (Talent Acquisition Manager) Rushee (Digital Marketing Strategist)

  • What is the current process of hiring for your company?
  • What challenges are you facing on this process?
  • Who are the users and how do they currently think or feel about it?
  • How many team members are involved in this process and what are their roles?
  • Are you looking for all the processes online or some offline as well?
  • Will you provide the question sets of different roles for online tests or we will have to create it?
  • When is the version we’re designing going to be released?
  • What do I need to know that you don’t think other members of your team have said?

Users Interview

I conducted interview with Manoj (Java Web Developer), Amrit (Graphic Designer) and Ganesh (Physiotherapist at Fortis Hospital Noida)

  • What problems do you face while applying for a job?
  • How long does a recruitment process take?
  • Did you ever apply for other company vacancies while one is in process?
  • Did you ever quit after getting an offer letter during serving notice period ?
  • What is the percentage of getting replies even if you were not selected?
  • What changes/improvements are you looking for in an interview/hiring process?

Building empathy

Using the quantitative and qualitative data from interviews, I defined the three target group profiles Yulia (Super Admin), Sonia (HR/Admin) and Manoj (Candidate) to better empathize with my main user groups and prioritize goals according to their needs.


  1. Creating an application for online testing based job roles so that it will filter the right candidate and reading resume of only qualified candidates.
  2. Making whole the process digitally and organized, if candidate is shortlisted sharing profile for approval to head of company, Once candidate is approved Asking for documents and other details and candidate will submit through his/her profile.
  3. To ensure candidates understand the brand and feel comfortable in their newly accepted roles, Sending proactive communications to reinforce that messaging before they start work. Also ensuring candidates don’t feel left behind. Building awareness and driving action with personalized, mobile-friendly campaigns that keep the brand top of mind at every step.
    ⦁ Email campaigns
    ⦁ Personalized, Schedule and automate communications
    ⦁ Task engagement
  4. Making all the process through portal like interview feedback and notifying to related team members, tracking and all other process on a single screen, overall bringing all the team members on same page so that they can complete their task easily

Information Architecture

Based on the insights gained from the initial content audits, analyzes and Card Sorts, I defined the user flow / sitemap for the Portal and then evaluated it via tree tests with stakeholders.

Task flow / User Journey

  • Candidate applies for the role from LinkedIn post or direct from main website (Reads JD, signup- fills details and uploads resume) based selected role now applies
  • If non technical- notifies by email along with HR
  • If technical- have to go through an online test under a time frame which is some sets of selected questions based on the roles, questions display randomly.
  • If pass further actions are taken, like sending link for aptitude test, if pass-, notifies by email from dashboard for next round (Technical 1) and technical admin submits feedback and notifies to related HR same for next round Technical 2, management feedback , HR feedback
  • If selected/rejected gets notification by email
  • If cracked candidate profile goes for approval of Super admin
  • If approved gets notification for job confirmation and also for document submission
  • Now selected candidate’s profile is upgraded, can upload profile photo, documents, TDS details, and other sets of details based on office location like India, Dubai
  • Once submitted, acknowledgement email notification goes to the related HR team and a confirmation of receiving to the candidate.
  • HR verifies documents, if missing notifies by just one click
  • Once verified an email scheduler starts to keep in touch with candidates, email scheduler is a set of email templates (about us, let us know more about you, learn more…Welcome) numbers of email depend on notice period and deliver accordingly notice period days, email delivery data/time can be set manually too.
  • Apart from these there other controller for admins/team members like adding new role, new recruitment, documentation setting for different office location

Wireframing, Prototyping & Usability-Testing

User Interface

Egematics Career Portal


  • Live online tracking for logged in users (can be seen who’s logged in on portal dashboard.
  • Instant notification on dashboard for new feedback submission and new message for new recruitment by team members along with email notification.
  • Can identify if multiple applications are submitted by same user through different accounts (based on user location, technology, device, OS and many other tracking methods).
  • Filters based all the data.
  • Export data on Excel, CSV
  • Manual date/time setting for email delivery
  • Random question order
  • Can return in case of any interruption only under a time frame for online testing.
  • Copy / Inspect protection for online test.


  • Big challenges require small steps
  • Think in all the aspects during wireframing and prototyping otherwise modification in development phase will increase unnecessary time and will be delay in the launch of project.