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  • Deck Creation

    Deck Creation

    BAMKO Swag Introduction As a dedicated UI UX designer and team member of BAMKO, I created the BAMKO Swag (A Custom Deck Creation Platform), revolutionizing the manual presentation creation process. Seamlessly integrating with multiple BAMKO products and third-party APIs, it facilitates effortless order creation alongside dynamic presentation generation. CLIENT BAMKO India, a leading promotional products…

  • Career Portal (Edgematics)

    Career Portal (Edgematics)

    Career Portal About Project Edgematics’ Career Portal, an online hiring solution meticulously designed for diverse job categories, spanning both technical and non-technical realms. This case study unfolds a transformative journey, showcasing how the portal redefines recruitment by seamlessly identifying and filtering top-tier talents. With an impressive 90% reduction in time compared to manual processes. CLIENT…

  • Design Samples

    Design Samples

    Some Design Samples service Graphic Design | UI UX Design | Front-end Development | Email Templates | Print & Web Media Design | Marketing | Branding CLIENT Various year 2017-2022 Description In my multifaceted role, I’ve seamlessly blended skills as a UI/UX designer, graphic designer, and front-end developer. As a UI/UX designer for mobile and…

  • Web UI Mockups (Figma) – Free to use

    Web UI Mockups (Figma) – Free to use

    Web UI Mockups (Figma) – Free to use service UI Design year 2022 about Web UI Mockups designed on Figma, can be used for any purpose, just duplicate and use it , ask if need any other. Open File (DF) WP AP



    MINDWARS service UI UX Design | Graphic Design CLIENT ZEE5 | Sensibol year 2019 about Mind Wars is a quiz game show comprising four teams of two students from grade six to ten, and hosted by Shreyas Talpade. They are asked general knowledge questions about India and its current affairs. The team that answers the…



    AURA CORBETT RESORT service UI UX Design | Web Development | Graphic Design CLIENT Rajani | Deepa year 2017 about Aura Corbett is a family owned retreat with a peaceful healing environment for the body, mind and Soul. Offers an inspiring environment, provide breathtaking views of the majestic mountains… visit site



    MYCARESPACE service UI Design | Font-end Development | Email Templates | Graphic Design CLIENT Bianca Shapiro | Nicole Gamerov year 2022 about MyCareSpace is a free community service that connects people living with a disability, their families and carers, with easy to read information about the NDIS and with the disability supports they need to…



    REALMS OF DANCE service UI UX Design | Web Development (WordPress) | Graphic Design CLIENT Zia Nath year 2021 about Zia is the originator of Realms of Dance™ – A showcase of sacred dances of ancient temples of India and Central Asia. Zia has been in the practice of this work for more than two…

  • Path to Wellbeing

    Path to Wellbeing

    Path to Wellbeing service UI UX Design | Logo, Graphics… (Complete Branding) CLIENT Dr. Gayatri Rao year 2020 about Dr. Gayatri Rao is a homeopath dedicated to helping everyone to find better health with homeopathy from her clinic online worldwide via Zoom. She writes blogs aimed for people who want to self prescribe homeopathy to…